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You’ll smile with confidence when you discover the magic of professional teeth whitening at Cosmetic Clinique. Cosmetic teeth whitening is affordable, safe and offers an immediate result with accredited teeth whitening products.

teeth whitening

Get the bright smile you have always wanted, and get an instant confidence boost with our effective 1 hour Teeth Whitening treatment. The 1 hour treatment consists of mini sessions in one, to have you leaving with bright glowing teeth 6-10 shades brighter post-treatment.

Teeth whitening before and after

Years of drinking coffee, tea or alcohol, smoking, and even certain foods can leave your teeth stained or discoloured. Our trained teeth whitening professionals will discuss the treatment with you and advise what result you can expect from your teeth whitening service. Most clients achieve a sparkling smile after just one hour of treatment, with teeth six shades brighter.








If you find yourself shying away from selfies or covering your mouth when you laugh or smile, professional teeth whitening is exactly what you need. Without the anxiety of a dentist visit, our cosmetic teeth whitening is performed in our modern and peaceful Melbourne cosmetic studio

Relax in our comfy chair for an hour while our state-of-the-art teeth whitening system painlessly whitens your teeth by up to three shades. With instant results, you’ll leave with a brighter smile you want to wear all day long.

How often should you get your teeth whitened?

How often you get your teeth whitened will depend on your diet and lifestyle. After your initial teeth whitening treatment, the results should last between 6 to 12 months. 

If you consume food or drinks with staining agents (e.g. coffee, tea, carbonated alcohol drinks) or smoking; you’ll need to get your teeth whitened more often. Proper aftercare is vital to keep your teeth whiter for longer. 

How much does teeth whitening cost?

Our professional teeth whitening in Melbourne costs a low $199 for your 1-hour session and $60 for a 20-minute touch-up treatment recommended six weeks post-treatment.

For instantly whiter teeth, book your teeth whitening consultation with our Teeth Whitening Specialists Rachel or Nilam.

Is teeth whitening bad for the health of your teeth?

Clinical studies have revealed that professional teeth whitening is not harmful to the health of your teeth. When administered by highly trained professionals, teeth whitening will not damage your teeth enamel or gums. 

The teeth whitening solution used will act to protect your enamel and improve how smooth your teeth feel. You may feel slight teeth sensitivity following your treatment, but this should subside. 

It’s recommended that you have a dental checkup before your treatment and have any issues addressed (e.g. cavities that may cause a weakened tooth). Also, pregnant women are advised against teeth whitening as no studies have been conducted on the safety of this service during pregnancy.

Enquire about our teeth whitening service today!

Contact our professional team at Cosmetic Clinique today if  any have any questions about our Melbourne teeth whitening service. 

When you are ready to transform your smile with beautiful sparkling teeth, you can book your teeth whitening service online. Anytime is a good time to get a smile you can be proud of!

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