Skin analysis and skin consultations

Before you begin any facial skin treatment, the highly experienced dermal clinicians at Cosmetic Clinique will perform a skin analysis and assessment. A facial skin consultation takes a deep dive into the health of your skin. 

Using specialised (and safe) skin examination tools, your dermal clinician will assess your skin’s oiliness, hydration and health. No preparation is needed for your skin assessment; however, you should attend any facial skin treatment session with a clean face, free from makeup and sunscreen. 

skin analysis

Our Dermal Clinician can provide you with a detailed skin assessment, analysing your skin conditions and skin goals. With this information the Skin specialists can provide you with a tailored treatment plan to target your specific skin concerns, and apply a unique skincare prescription, and work together with you towards your skin goals.

Why should you get your skin analysed?

You must get your skin analysed to receive the best results from your skincare products and treatments. A detailed skin assessment helps your dermal clinician get a clear understanding of the health of your skin from the inside out. A skin assessment can detect numerous skin concerns such as:

  • Sun damage and pigmentation (visible and invisible)
  • Oiliness 
  • Broken capillaries, age spots or rosacea (redness) 
  • Dehydration 
  • Lines and wrinkles 
  • Acne and acne scarring

Once your dermal clinician has this powerful insight into the current health of your skin, they can formulate a treatment plan for the long-term health of your skin. 

Benefits of skin assessments

The main benefit of a skin assessment is it gives you the information you need to achieve regenerated, plump, vibrant and radiant skin.
A skin assessment diagnoses your skin’s health and helps you understand the factors that affect your skin’s condition. You’ll ultimately achieve your long-term skin goals as your dermal clinician will formulate a skin care plan designed to suit you.
You’ll save money by only using treatments or products that work for you, rather than trying every ‘trending’ treatment or jumping brands to the ‘next best thing’.
An in-depth skin assessment will also highlight if you have any hidden underlying issues that may be a concern to your health in the future. A skin analysis is a proven method to pick up any invisible sun damage that may be of concern.

Create a skin care treatment plan

To create your skin care treatment plan, your dermal clinician from Cosmetic Clinique will review the current state of your skin, your skin type, and any potential issues and discuss your goals. Your treatment plan will include the facial treatment(s) you need, the timing of these, any aftercare and products you will need to use, and predicted cost analysis. 

Depending on the health of your skin and your desired result, your plan may be short or long-term. You may also find that you want to add complementary skin care services over time, so add them to your skin care treatment plan. 

Enquire about our skin analysis service today!

Book your skin analysis at Cosmetic Clinique today to get smooth, flawless skin. 

Our highly experienced dermal clinicians will perform your skin analysis session, helping you to gain a detailed insight into the health of your skin and formulating a plan for you to discover radiant, glowing skin.  

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