LED Therapy

LED light facial

LED light therapy is used to promote skin rejuvenation by improving skin tone and texture and reducing the signs of sun damage. It works great to promote skin healing, especially due to trauma to the skin, and great to accelerate healing post cosmetic injectables.  LED is very successful in treating acne by calming the acne producing cells, and helps in improving new scars. It can be used for stand-alone treatments or conjunction to compliment other treatments.

How It Works

Light Emitting Diode (LED) targets skin cells at a cellular level to help stimulate blood flow and improve the function of skin cells. The LED treatment is non-ablative which means it doesn’t destroy or damage skin, There are different wave lengths and colour which each have different effects when applied to the skin’s surface.


  • Yellow light LED is used to detoxify the cells
  • Blue light LED is used for treating acne
  • Red light LED helps with skin rejuvenation and for treating inflammation
  • Greed light LED helps reduce pigmentation.

Combine the LED therapy with collagen mask facial for increase results and extended benefits

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