Dermal Fillers

dermal fillers

The results from dermal fillers are instantly noticeable, leaving you looking more plump and refreshed. During your Cosmetic appointment our Advanced Cosmetic Nurses can provide you with a thorough assessment and tailored treatment plan towards your aesthetic goals.

As we age, we lose collagen and elastin from the skin, our fat pads shrink (these are the main supportive structure holding our skin), and our bones recede and loose volume and contour. This leads to the face sagging, noticeable appearance of wrinkles, lines and folds, and a sense of looking “tired” and old.

Dermal fillers are Hyaluronic Acid injectable gels, a naturally-occurring substance in the skin used to smooth away facial lines, wrinkles and restore volume loss providing more youthful facial contours.

What are dermal Fillers?

Dermal Fillers are also known as hyaluronic acid, is a gel-like product that is injected in the skin to restore volume loss, smooth our lines and soften creases. The thicker substances are also used to enhance facial contours.

Common areas for  Dermal Filler Treatments

Dermal Fillers Lips 



The most common dermal filler treatment is Lip Filler. We have a variety of lip filler available starting from thin filler for hydration to the lips, to medium thickness and then plumping lip filler. Lips can be tailored to a shape and size that will suit you, as not all lip filler is the same. 

Dermal Filler to the nose is also known as the Liquid Nose Job. This is one of the most advanced and skilled treatments to be performed in Cosmetic Medicine. The Liquid Nose job can transform your nose within one session. Dermal filler placed strategically can improve the dorsal hump, lift the tip, and disguise any indents on the nose.

Under eye filler, also known as tear trough filler is another advanced treatment we perform. Dermal filler to this area can fill the hollowing under the eyes, it can support the groove to the cheeks, as well as improve some under eye discolouration. This treatment will refresh tired looking eyes.

Our Approach

At Cosmetic Clinique, we focus on taking you on a journey in finding your self-confidence so that you can learn to love your reflection in the mirror. We aim to provide you with a natural and refreshing result so you can look the best version of yourself.

Let us guide you in the best treatment approach that is tailored to your needs by discussing your concerns with our Cosmetic Nurse, we can work out the best treatment plan for you.


  • Define, volumise and shape the lips to create the perfect pout.
  • Define and sharpen a more youthful jawline.
  • Restore natural features lost over time due to the ageing process or weight loss.
  • Facial Contouring: Enhances cheek bones, chin and jawline contouring the face
  • Nose correction and definition for a more balanced side profile
  • Tailored anti-ageing filler plan to areas which reveal ageing characteristics (eg temple hollowing, neck lines, forehead volume loss, etc)
  • Tired looking eyes instantly look more refreshed with under eye filler (tear troughs)
  • Correct deep nasolabial folds, down turned lip corners and ‘marionette’ lines

Results are noticed immediately after treatment, with minimal recovery time and long lasting effects keeping you beautified all year round. Dermal fillers are often paired with anti-wrinkle injection treatments for the most effective results.

How Long do Dermal Fillers Last?

Dermal fillers have a good life span. They can last months, and in some treatment areas that are less mobile such as under eyes, they can even last years. There is some down time with dermal fillers such as redness, bruising, swelling and tenderness, with the first 3 days being at its worst. However there are things you can take and do to minimise the down time.

Dermal Fillers Before and After

Dermal fillers are so amazing as they are extremely versatile. We can use them strategically to improve ones appearance from subtle changes, to making one look refreshed and rejuvenated, and by also improving ones appearance by transforming their look. From restoring volume loss, to defining and sculpting the face and jawline. The best place to start is a consultation, so we can understand what concerns bother you, and we can discuss how we can help improve your appearance and build back your confidence. 


How much do Dermal fillers cost?

The cost of dermal fillers will vary depending on the number of mLs used for each treatment area and the thickness of the filler. As a guide we charge $600 – 800 per ml. Want to know more about dermal filler, or want to discuss your ageing concerns, Book Your Consultation here:

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