Chemical Peel

chemical peel

Our chemical peels are based on organic cimpounds such a lactic (milk), salicylic (willow bark), and vitamin A. Lactic acid is specifically used to treat hyperpigmentation, age spots, and other factors that contribute to a dull and uneven complexion. Other benefits of AHAs like lactic acid include improved skin tone and reduced pore appearance. Our lactic acid levels range from 20 – 60% which manipulates the depth of the treatment.

Salicylic acid is one of the major players in the acid-for-skincare game. A beta hydroxy acid (or BHA), a chemical exfoliator that works wonders to break down excess sebum (the skin’s natural oils), dirt and dead skin cells that clog pores and lead to breakouts.

Combine a micro and a chemical peel… BAM! Super Glowing skin!

How It Works

With chemical peels, the ingredients interact with skin proteins, causing them to peel (very subtle, no one will notice), revealing the new skin below, and speeding up cell turnover (meaning cells reproduce more and faster). Other peels work similarly, but the strength of the peel affects the number of layers of skin peeled, the length of the downtime and the final result.


  • Transform sun-damaged skin
  • Provide youthful and radiant skin
  • Reduce hyperpigmentation
  • Improve skin tone
  • Leave skin looking brighter and smoother
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