Dark Under Eyes

There are many reasons why some of us notice our eyes are looking more tired and appear as though they have dark circles under them. There are also many myths as to what causes the noticeable discolouration. From an aesthetic practitioners perspective there are three main causes of darkness under the eyes; and for some it can be a combination of all three. Below we explore these and also provide some insight on how we might tackle the approach with some treatment options.



When the skin loosens under the eyes, we form pouches or bags under the eyes and these cause shadowing. We also have fat pads that surround the eyes and as these shrink with ageing they can become sunken, again causing a shadowing. For some people these issues are due to aging for others it is simply genetics and can be visible at a young age.

There are some great non surgical options to treat these issues. The first is dermal fillers; using a hyaluronic based dermal filler, we simply fill in the hollow or the tear trough that is causing the shadow. It is a simple procedure that is done in around 30 mins with minimal discomfort. There can be bruising and swelling for a few days, and the results can last up to 2 years. The second is to tighten the skin using lasers or plasma energy. These treatments usually have one to two weeks downtime but the results are permanent.


Some people with darker skin types can develop pigmentation around the eyes. The simple act of rubbing your eyes when it is itchy can cause the skin around it to pigment (darken); any sun exposure will then make this pigmentation worse.  This is usually a genetic condition. The best treatment is the use of really good skin fading creams, and staying out of the sun. Fortunately enough, the quality and the scientific background of skincare is ever evolving, and we stock cosmeceutical and results driven skincare. It is unfortunately a long slow process but with patience we can obtain really good results.


We have many small vessels supplying the skin around the eyes and if the skin thins you can see a shadow of these vessels. This can also appear as dark circles. The best way to combat this is with treatments that work on thickening skin by producing collagen, these are known as biostimualtors. The skin around the eyes however is not suitable for all biostimulation products, or may require combination therapy. The best treatment results we have found to treat this concern is PDO (polydioxanane) threads, or combining PRP (Platelet Rich plasma) with skin needling (also known as Collagen Induction therapy); or fractionated laser resurfacing treatment.

It is best to visit your Cosmetic Medicine Practice for a consultation to thoroughly assess your concerns and we will recommend if any of the thee treatments is right for you.

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