Choosing your Cosmetic Injector

If you are considering cosmetic injectables, the most critical decision you will every make is choosing WHO will do your treatment. Your cosmetic injector must have the knowledge, experience, and skillset to deliver the treatment; equally important to that, they need to be ethical, have morals, and be prime with their safety and hygiene practices. Yes of course this is an expectation of All injectors regardless… So what will make you choose one injector over the other?

The beauty of social media these days is that we get to showcase our work on such an open platform, this is our portfolio (keep in mind, people only show their ‘best-work’). While you are on their socials, you may be drawn to the injector personality. Most of the time people will select one injector over the other by what they see on their Instagram page before considering the next step.

Another reason one would go to a Cosmetic injector is by far the most reliable resource, that being word of mouth! Your friend, or your friend’s friend, or your aunty… someone will almost always have a recommendation. Whether it be a hairdresser, lash artist, or cosmetic injector; most people who are open about having these types of procedures will happily recommend their person.

Now it’s time to book in your consultation, here you will have the time to assess if the cosmetic injector is the right fit for you. You will have the opportunity to have your questions answered, the cosmetic injector will discuss the treatment options, common side effects and risk of complications involved with cosmetic injectables; but then also bring you back around with some reassurance on how safe they can make you feel if something was not to go as planned.

Once you feel comfortable with WHO you have chosen, trust them! A good injector will listen to your concerns, and address them based on knowledge, and the ideal expected outcome. At times they will progressively take you on a journey to your end-result instead of ‘pumping volumes in’ to get there quicker or for a quick sale.

And lastly, do you both have the same expectations? Clearly you have chosen this injector because you like their showcase of patient’s transformations, do these match and are they similar to your expectations?


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