Cheek & Dermal Fillers Guide

How do Cheek Fillers work? 

Have you always thought about getting something done to your face but don’t know where to start? As we get older we lose collagen and elastin in our skin and unfortunately the amount of hyaluronic acid reduces causing your skin to look tired and dehydrated.  We also have cushiony fat pads in our faces which begin to shrink, ligaments loosen and bone reabsorption occurs (losing bone structure).   All this in combination causes volume loss and is often first noticed in the cheek and under eye area, causing sagging and hollowing to the mid-face.  This is where dermal fillers come in to save the day.  Cheek (midface) treatment is a good place to start to restore your youth.

Dermal Filler & Cheek Filler Myths 

Often clients are worried that filling the cheeks will make them look very puffy and overdone; this is far from the truth.  Dermal fillers come in all different kinds of consistency, some are hard and stiff and some are soft and stretchy.  As cosmetic injectors we are trained to select the most appropriate filler and injection technique for the area we are treating. We will give you refreshed and most natural looking results so what people will notice is you looking fresh, like you have had a good nights rest. They will not be able to tell what you have had done!  Cheek filler is so versatile that it can also be used to either give a sculpted, more defined look, or to simply replace volume you have loss and give you a more refreshed version of yourself.

Want to know if cheek filler is the option for you, book in with our Cosmetic Nurse Clinicians to discuss the right plan for you

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