By Nilam - Dermal Clinician

Summer Vs Winter Skin Routine?

The quick answer is Yes! The relationship between temperature and skin can cause various skin changes amongst the colder and warmer months. For example, the …

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By Tanya - Cosmetic Injector

Things to AVOID with Cosmetic Injectables

Here are a few DO’s & DON’TS when preparing for Cosmetic Injectables to ensure the best possible outcome for your treatment. Some supplements can impact …

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By Gayle - Dermal Clinician

Your Skin and the Environment

If you didn’t already know, the SKIN is the largest organ in the body and because of this it has many functions. One of the …

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Cosmetic Injectables

Do yo wake up with an aching jaw?

Do you wake up with radiating head aches and aching jaw? Do you find yourself subconsciously grinding your teeth? Constant teeth grinding not only grinds …

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