Jawline Fat Dissolving Injections

In an era where cosmetic enhancements are becoming increasingly popular, fat dissolving injections offer a minimally invasive solution for individuals seeking to remove submental fat under the chin to sculpt their jawline and achieve their desired aesthetic goals without undergoing surgery. Read on to find out  more about fat dissolving injections, do they work, and are …

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Dark Under Eyes

There are many reasons why some of us notice our eyes are looking more tired and appear as though they have dark circles under them. There are also many myths as to what causes the noticeable discolouration. From an aesthetic practitioners perspective there are three main causes of darkness under the eyes; and for some …

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Things to AVOID with Cosmetic Injectables

Want to get the best out of your cosmetic injectables? Here are a few Do’s & Dont’s when preparing for Cosmetic Injectables to ensure the best possible outcome for your treatment. There are some supplements that can impact on how your body responds to cosmetic injectable treatments, in particular, to bruising and/or bleeding. Firstly it is …

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